Help your Kids Excel at Reading!


As parents of young children we teach them the coordination to:

Ride a bike

Brush their teeth

Write their name

But many of us haven’t considered the amount of coordination necessary to read. Before you consider phonics, find out if your child has the visual building blocks necessary to read.

What is Built to Read?

4D Built to Read is a program to accelerate the development of your child's visual systems so they have the foundational building blocks, because just like anything else, when you have a strong foundation the sky is the limit.  

The 4D Built to Read program is routed in the science of the brain's hunger and ability to change through repetition. Instead of the traditional manor of skipping these visual developmental milestones, in the Built to Read program you will have the tools to train each of these skills in order of vision development, creating a strong platform for academic success.

Each phase is specifically designed to teach you how to develop these skills for your child in a game like fashion that encourages them to want to play!

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The 4D Built to Read program highlights that the actual foundation of reading is vision.

When we say vision, we don’t mean your 20/20 eyesight. That’s not what a child needs to read.

They need to be able to see clearly when looking up close but they also need to be able to have full control over how their eyes are working, as well as how their brain is processing that information in order to want to read, like to read, and eventually love to read.

Completely Virtual

Your Schedule

Your Way

Envision …  

Your son enjoying a book so much that you have to pull him away from it for bedtime.   

Your daughter easily completing her homework—with little trouble and no arguments.  

You watching this transformation, knowing your child is no longer struggling to read or wondering why they can’t keep up with friends in school. 

Partner with us to gain the tools you need to guide your child from the comfort and safety of your home.

Let's get Building!

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